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The display Braille devices as what appears on the computer screen and then convert it into readable text in Braille, The modus operandi of monitors Brill by the emergence and disappearance of nails electronically when groping blind those nails knows what is on the screen, and characterized models Brill flexibility as changing the shapes that appear the blind when moving his hand from one area to another on the screen (). Some application interfaces and allows the user to interact with the computer through the use of the outputs of touch can be recognized by his hand also allows the blind touch and innovation and to identify the three-dimensional three-dimensional shapes in different environments ().

Use of modern means to print Braille pages to print Braille programs ..
To carry out the printing of Braille should be a program loaded on the printer or computer to help in that process, and there are many programs are used on a large scale in the process of the most famous Winbraille program, and Duxbury program ().