Proceeding from the role and objectives of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology in the service of society, and the belief in entitlement With disabilities to improve their capabilities and develop their basic skills to qualify them for employment in various fields and activate the social participation by helping them to integrate into the general normal life and scientific grounds even have a real role in advancing production as an important force latent class that should be exploited in the public interest it is a provision of training courses for people with disabilities in the areas of "data entry, administrative work, Telemarketing, computer maintenance and mobile phones, "which has already been identified with the sector companies Communications and Information Technology in collaboration with the Chamber of the information technology industry.
And the effects of this project will be reflected on the achievement of sustainable development plans and achieve tangible results in economic growth rates as well as to contribute in solving the problem of unemployment which is the rehabilitation of job seekers to job, it is a real thought adopted by the ministry since the start of this initiative, which is building training on demand, not supply.