Competition enable software and mobile applications for people with disabilities

Under the attention of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology to people with disabilities and for the use of technology to integrate and enable the participation of this category of society, it has been developing a strategy to maximize the benefits of ICT to serve persons with disabilities.

The competition aimed to innovation in software and applications of mobile phones through the design and application software custom code for these disabilities help solve the existing problems for people with disabilities of all types of disabilities and be available for all to easily activate the main objective of the project which is (integrate and enable the participation of people with disabilities within the community).

The strategic objectives of the competition to be launched this contest on an annual basis to help make optimal use of technology through the latest global leader in the field of software development, and therefore considered the primary goal is to help people with disabilities of all disabilities in the long term that the technology be part of their lives to activate the intended meaning of the competition, which (to enable people with disabilities to live within our society).

The competition launched for a number of applications and software by opening the door to all innovators and developers of representatives of small and medium-sized companies and individual innovators to choose the most appropriate and best by a technical committee specializing in the assessment and adoption of the software, to get out projects (applications) successful competitive in software market by placing seven axes within the competition covering all types of disabilities.

Expected Return:

• Creating a technology market for software with disabilities.

• Support of modern technological innovations in the field of software with disabilities.

• encourage companies and individuals, innovators and those working in information and software technology innovation in information technology tools to facilitate the life of this category of society.

The first contest was launched in 2012 to enable the output was 6 projects. Then was the second competition launched in 2014 to enable the output was 13 project

Project name

Project Description

Type of Disability

Sign language Detector

A system that detects the body movements through Microsoft Kindest sensor to detect the sign language and translates in into voice and text


I Can See

A mobile application allows visually impaired to know their ways



The application for the mobile phone will help the blind read without relying on Braille, and read books in Arabic by relying on the built-in camera phone and electronic sunglasses.



Small Circuit fixed in the Cap to measure the head movement directions and to transfer the head orders to the Control Board that fixed in the wheelchair using Bluetooth




Smart technology able to translate any word, sentence into sign language, This absolutely will help those people who have hearing disability to learn how to read and write. This is through a database application that allows the user to enter a letter, a word, or a sentence to translate it to Sign language


Browse books and know daily News

Application for help people with visual disabilities to browse books and know daily News, By providing books in digital content in Arabic language, through automatic reading service.


Teaching Arabic alphabet and numbers for deaf children

E-learning application to learn Arabic alphabet and numbers for deaf children



The program aims at facilitating communication between the deaf person and others by giving him an audible tool with Arabic pronunciation to enable him communicate his ideas and requests to the surrounding community which is unfamiliar with sign language.


Touch to see

Touch-to-See is an Android-based application that enables the visually impaired people to effectively use their touch phones in exchanging and managing calls, SMSs and alarms, as well as many other operations.



The application works on solve the problem of unemployment for people with disabilities, the application be a link between employers and researchers from disabilities, Jobility providing work opportunities for persons with disabilities by type of disability.

All disabilities

I am hear

Application is designed to help people with hearing disabilities to identify the Speech in their environment


Full Software For Help Kids With disabilities and learning difficulties

Full Software For Help Kids With disabilities and learning difficulties improve language basic skills for kids with disabilities.



Applications for games and learning programs for the blind people, enable them to enjoy playing by Using headphones, sensors and identify the sounds and speech.


Mobster Facebook

The application giving ‘Sight’ to the blind people by enabling them to navigate through social media websites.



The project consists of four applications:

-     The first tool is a standardized sign language dictionary

-     The second tool is a program to translate the Arabic text to sign language it called "Deaf reader" and used words available in sign language dictionary.

-     The third tool is a program to training the deaf typing fast on the keyboard, (At least 30 words per minute) to be able to express himself transforming ideas to text.

-     The Fourth one is a program to learn the deaf Arabic language basics, to be able enter the data to the computer in right Arabic language.




A graph showing the applications and software for persons with disabilities


Conferences and Exhibitions

Participate in many local and international exhibitions to exhibit Egyptian innovation in the field of assistive technologies enable contest director, which received a lot of admiration in many conferences, including:

  • Telecom World exhibition primarily in the State of Hungary organized by the International Telecommunication Union ITU.
  • International Exhibition of Information and Communication Technology for People with Disabilities.
  • Sustainable ways special international conference on the integration of individuals with disabilities in the labor market using assistive technology IC- Swing.
  • Cairo ICT Exhibition 2015 Cairo International Exhibition for Information and Communication Technology.