Mental Disability perceptions and dealing with

In their global day: people with "Down" at the United Nations seats

By Dr. Ghassan Shahrour

Often it meets joy along with a tear in the ranks of the masses that come from all over the world, are scrambling encouraging children .. and Alhaaban..oahabat of persons with "Down" or Mongolian, and their peers, and they participate in Special Olympics competitions are competing .. .. racing. . win over the great barrier she created these disabilities in Hyatem..vigdon themselves .. along with a lot of the children of their community, in an atmosphere of brotherhood and Almahbh..anha really Sport joy and equality. Testifies on atheist and the twentieth of March / March 2012 the first celebration of the United Nations on this occasion, and after the general assembly at the end of the year were adopted in 2011 this day every year as the International Day for the syndrome, "Down" "World Down Syndrome Day", and called on the United Nations through it all countries of the world to work on a review of what has been achievements, and strive to meet the challenges faced by persons with disabilities syndrome "Down", (named after the syndrome as well as relative to the discoverer, which is known widely as the Mongolian), also called on the government and private organizations, and regional and global related to share knowledge and experiences and lessons learned in order to meet their needs and promote their rights to a decent life along with all members of the society. This is called persons with "Down" and their organizations and their staff to contribute in this day and raise their voices through the central its activities at the United Maqralomm New York. Studies indicate that the state of "Down" syndrome that has become possible to detect during the first months of pregnancy, you see between 800 - almost 1,000 live births, which is caused by a bug chromosome reflected the presence of three chromosomes of chromosome 21 instead of two, and the organization "Down" World several years ago has today chosen to refer to the number 21 chromosome, and chose the third month of the year, a reference to the defect trisomy. The severity of mental retardation vary, and physical in the "Down" syndrome from one person to another, and so varying abilities and needs of each of them, which must be made clear to his family and community, generally characterized by a person with "Down" has the following characteristics:
- Do not learn new activities just as easily learn by others.
- Be slow in responding to what is happening around him.
- Does not understand the same precision that others understand what it can hear and see it and touch it.
- Find it difficult to express their needs and feelings in a way people understand.
- Has varying disturbances in memory.
- Not be able to focus and pay attention to one person or one activity for long.
- Finds it difficult to control his feelings and emotions.
- Find it difficult to dispose of and make appropriate decisions.
- Has disorders in speech and language to varying degrees.
- Need medical care multiple patrol.
Thus, we hope to form this World Day is an occasion to celebrate in the Arab world the achievements of our societies, in the service of this group of children, suitable for honoring volunteers and employees, and display the challenges and the difficulties they face and ways to overcome them, and also suitable for review and evaluation efforts, legislation and studies that seek to enable them and the advancement of their reality to the best.